Vehicle Camera & Tracking

Camera Systems

With the advent of in-vehicle camera systems, motorists have never been better protected and honest motorists can now fight back with a vengeance. In any vehicle crash, there is a risk that third parties will either incorrectly recall or deliberately attempt to misrepresent what actually happened and this can be easily countered if you have video footage of the accident.

Video evidence from the MI Witness can assist your car insurance company to process your claim more efficiently and it prevents a standoff scenario whereby your insurer and that of the other driver are unable to agree which party was at fault.

Private individuals, especially young drivers where premiums can be high, can benefit financially via lowered premiums. Fleet vehicles are good candidates for this kind of protection given their high annual mileage.

It has always been logical for car insurance companies to support the use of in-car cameras as the video evidence will help to settle a claim quickly and more cost-effectively but until recently the only insurance companies that embraced this technology were insurers of fleet vehicles such as HGVs.

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Vehicle Tracking Systems

vehicle tracking

A system that gives you up-to-the-minute information on what your fleet and drivers are doing.

Our Tracking System will enable you to:

  • • Reduce fuel bills and your carbon footprint
  • • Increase employee safety and help with Duty of Care
  • • Increase productivity
  • • Reduction of unplanned driver activity and overtime
  • • Improve customer service, helping your business to retain clients
  • • Know who is driving a vehicle for better accountability
  • • Distinguish between private and business miles
  • • Private mode disables geographical and route data
  • • Private mileage data to aid tax compliance
  • • SPOTON™, a user friendly fleet management platform
  • • iSPOT™ is a mobile application available to all customers
  • • Instant location of your fleet
  • • Information on how your vehicles are being driven
  • • Alerts for speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and more
  • • Enhanced safety with options for panic alarms and immobilisation

How it Works:

Our British designed and manufactured high-spec GPS telematics device can be installed into any vehicle. The unit processes data from GPS satellites to calculate its position. Its powerful internal Arm processor will constantly monitor the status of the vehicle (eg: is the ignition on, is the driver driving aggressively, etc) and attach this status information to a GPS positional log.

Our tracker then uses the GPRS data network to transmit these GPS logs to our data collection server at regular intervals. This data is then accessible via a PC/MAC or mobile device using our secure applications.

Instant Status / Location Updates and User Friendly Interface

See exactly where all of your people are, at any time on our simple, intuitive and easy to use tracking software.

Versatile Alerts Engine

A range of configurable on-screen, SMS or email alerts that actively brings important information right to you – wherever you are.