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Who Are We?

Originally form in 1978, Tranex has always been a leader in the communications industry, crafting innovative radio and audio systems from design to manufacture and distribution, both in the UK and globally.

Our expertise spans from single-channel analogue to multi-channel digital radio systems, specialising in telephone-connected radio systems. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of communications technology

We hold an ISO 9001 certification, underscoring our commitment to quality at every stage. Our two-way radio systems are ideal for a range of commercial applications, from security and warehousing to schools and local government. If your business requires wireless communication, we have the solutions to keep you connected.

What We Do?

  • Long Term Hire: Keep your equipment available for business use without it appearing on your company’s balance sheet. Plus, enjoy the perks of lower monthly payments, thanks to the VAT advantages of leasing.
  • Short Term Hire: The budget-friendly way to access the latest handheld walkie talkies, making it perfect for event organisers and businesses in need of extra two way radios during busy periods.
  • Spectrum Licensing: Spectrum licensing refers to the process through which organisations or individuals obtain permission to use specific radio frequencies. Due to our experience in this field, we may be able to help obtain a licence in those difficult areas.
  • Maintenance: We provide a comprehensive maintenance package designed to ensure that your radio equipment operates at peak performance.
  • Programming: We provide full facilities for programming a wide range of equipment types. Whether it’s our own supplied equipment or third-party equipment.
  • Repair & Service: We have a highly skilled team of dedicated engineers that repair and service all brands of two way radio equipment.
Radio on Pallets



Cynthia Spencer

First of all I would like to say a massive thank you for the loan of the radios and earpieces etc. They
really make a massive difference to how we communicate on our event site and keep our event
running efficiently without us relying on running around or mobile phones with dodgy signals! We
are very grateful for the support.


Ikea – Kenwood

As I entered the bustling reception of the Ikea distribution centre in Peterborough, I could tell that the radios were getting a good workout. Posses of personnel in hi vis jackets bustled in and out, picking up handsets from the desk, or checking them back in. Simon Payne came to collect me to talk me…



Long Clawson Dairy – Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

For more than 100 years, Long Clawson Dairy have been producing fine quality cheeses. They have become the largest Stilton maker in the world producing more than 30,000 kgs of product a day. Employing more than 450 people on an ever-expanding site, reliable voice communication had become nearly impossible. Various solutions were attempted (Wi-Fi, Phone…


Oxford University Hospitals Case Study

Hospitals are not only charged with protecting the welfare of patients; staff, equipment, visitors and medication all fall under the hospital’s security remit. NHS security staff are expected to immediately handle incidents which may threaten hospital security. With the number of incidents and falsely filed complaints increasing over past years, the pressure on the Trust’s…


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between licenced and unlicenced handsets?

  • Licence-free/446 units can be used across the UK and Europe without notifying the licensing authorities.
  • In comparison to licenced radios, PMR446 radios have many restrictions which limits their capabilities and output power, these units are not private as the channels are available to all.
  • Licenced radios are adaptable to larger rollouts as they can work through repeaters to maximise their range over large areas with the use of licences issued by OFCOM.
  • As part of the service we offer, we will apply for and maintain any required licences to operate your system legally.

Why wouldn’t we use mobile phones instead of two way radios?

Mobile phones are good for one-to-one conversations where a call setup time is not a hindrance to safety or efficient communications.


  • Mobile phones have no Quality of Service (QOS) guarantees. We have all seen problems when the network is either too heavily congested or the cell tower is down. With your own (private) radio system you have full control of every aspect of the setup.
  • Mobile phones are generally One-to-One, unlike two-way radio which is One-to-Many.

What are the advantages of digital over analogue?

The key advantages of digital are.

  • Private calling to one or groups.
  • Reduction of static ambient noise at the edge of coverage.
  • Emergency Features.
  • Phone interconnectivity.

Where You Can Find Us

29 High Street



NN14 6AD

01536 711028

We cover the whole of the U.K. and supply equipment worldwide. If you have a particular requirement please contact us. A member of our team will be glad to assist. Short and Long term contract hire is available and a specialty.

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Do I need a Licence?

A two-way radio licence may be required for your school walkie talkies. There are some radios that are licence-free while others need a special licence from Ofcom. As two-way radio suppliers with extensive knowledge, Tranex will be able to let you know if a licence is required for your college two-way radio system. We are able to provide help with the licence application too. We pride ourselves on providing the best and most cost-effective two-way radios for schools and university or college campuses.

Quality Assured


We take quality very seriously. Tranex is well known for getting it right first time, every time. We supply some of the biggest names in industry & the security sector and have maintained that business relationship for several decades through high quality workmanship, timely delivery, and reliable service.

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