Digital Two Way Radio

Why go digital?

There are many benefits to a digital system and as you have probably realised, it’s the way forward with technology moving at its current pace.


Digital equipment can communicate with analogue equipment which helps with cost effective upgrades, migrations can be gradual rather than immediate.


Digital equipment gives a much better privacy platform and is not listenable with radio scanners which for analogue users can be a worry.


With a Digital system, you get two channels in the same channel space as a single analogue channel. This can be beneficial as the radio spectrum in certain areas is very crowded. It can also lead to a more cost effective expansion with regards to licensing, as one licence effectively covers two channels.


Digital systems offer features that analogue systems just can’t provide. Text messaging, very much like that of a mobile phone for instance. If you would like to know more, please call for a no pressure chat with one of our experts, we may just have the answer to your requirements.

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