BOXtracker ECO

BOXtracker ECO


BOXtracker ECO is our new vehicle tracking solution that gives you precise and detailed insight into how your vehicles are being driven. BOXtracker ECO is both ECOnomical and ECOlogical. Fuel is often the single largest operational cost for any fleet. With our solution we arm you with the information you need to reduce your fuel usage and save you money. Lower fuel usage means a smaller Carbon Footprint and a reduction in the effect that your fleet has on the environment.

Reduce Fuel Usage

Not only does BOXtracker ECO measure fuel usage, because it also measures: torque, RPM, throttle position and idling, you now have an understanding of the factors that are effecting your fuel economy.

Improve Safety

Our solution measures, reports and alerts on factors such as throttle position, harsh braking, acceleration and the number of brake applications. You can know spot “tailgating” and agressive driving and work with your drivers to adopt a more conservative driving style and improve safety.

In-Vehicle Driver Alerts

BOXtracker ECO will alert your drivers in the vehicle whenever they perform any unauthorised actions. This greatly assists in actively moderating driver behaviour.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduced Fuel Usage = Lower Carbon Emissions

Reduce Wear and Tear

BOXtracker ECO will report on eco driving, axle, weights, harsh breaking and acceleration. With this data, you can proactively reduce the wear on your vehicles, lower your maintenance costs and increase the resale value of your vehicles.

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