Motorola SL4000

Motorola SL4000

Versatile and powerful, our revolutionary MOTOTRBO portable combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. SL series radios integrate voice and data seamlessly, offer enhanced features that are easy to use, such as integrated Bluetooth®, covert mode, vibrate alert and Intelligent Audio. Designed in a small form factor so sophisticated, it is like no other radio you have used. Only the SL series enhances your professionalism, so you can remaster your productivity and image like never before.


Unquestionably, thin, small and lightweight were the top priorities in creating the SL Series radios. Our mechanical engineers knew how to keep the radio compact and details, such as the PC board, were skilfully designed by our architects to fit the lighter, smaller size.


Aside from shape, much of the SL Series hinges on how well it works. Our engineering teams ran multiple series of simulations and mock-ups on the antenna to make sure it optimized digital performance in the coverage area.


One of the key considerations was the large, high resolution screen. We chose a specialized, high-definition display that automatically adjusts backlighting to changes in light – from bright sunlight to dark night. This would provide outstanding clarity and a stunning colour display that was easy to read in any situation.


Audio quality had to be exceptional so hotel staff could hear loud and clear in the noisiest environments, from a crowded banquet to a bustling lobby. The radio had to have exceptional audio performance that fit inside a small package.


Finally, we performed a number of usability studies to make sure we optimised all aspects of the radio. Whether it was having users try the fullsize keypad, making the battery latch easy to open, or slimming down the battery pack to fit within the slim housing without sacrificing power. We also made the navigation menus, buttons and features easy to use.

Other Features

  • Dual internet speakers deliver loud, clear audio quality.
  • Tri-colour LED indicator for clear, visible feedback of calling, scanning, roaming and monitoring features.
  • Contoured push-to-talk button provides comfort and is easy to access.
  • 4-way navigation disc for easy scrolling through menus and channels (supports up to 1,000 channels).
  • Easy to access volume control buttons.
  • 2 programmable buttons for quick access to frequently used features; ability to programme up to 9 of your favourite features into a single programmable button.
  • Programmable side emergency button.
  • Audio connector port supports discreet wired audio accessories (wireless Bluetooth® audio also available).
  • built-in photosensor intuitively adjusts backlighting on the screen to optimise viewing in all types of conditions, special “day/night mode” vhanges screen and illluminates icons to make them clear and readable in varying light conditions.
  • Large, high-definition, 5 line, colour display offers high clarity and resolution.
  • Intelligent Audio feature automatically adjusts the radio volume according to the environment’s noise level.
  • Innovative antenna design optimises range performance.


Frequency Range

UHF: 403 – 470 MHz


Channel Capacity


RF Power Output

Power 2W


Rated Audio Power Output


Battery Life


Analog: 8.5 Hours

Digital: 11.5 Hours

Dust and Water Ingress Protection

IP 54 Standard




H x W x D

(Without Antenna)

121mm x 55mm x 17.4mm


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