Hytera HM785

Hytera HM785

Leading the PMR industry, Hytera possesses comprehensive capabilities of software and hardware development and has continually evolved for 20 years to provide solutions to tens of thousands of PMR users worldwide.

Hytera now presents the next generation of professional digital mobile radio, the flexible and scalable HM785. The HM785 supports a standard single control head and remote control head (single or dual) to suit different environments such as vehicles, motorcycles and fixed control rooms, ensuring efficient communication. Moreover, it provides various connections, through which rich applications can be integrated into existing services to improve work efficiency.
The HM785 adopts a new appearance while maintaining high quality. The new UI interaction facilitates faster operation. The Al-based noise cancellation technology guarantees clearer voice in noisy environments.

The HM785 adopts Al noise cancellation technology to filter out background noise (such as road noise), eliminate echoes, extract human voices from background noise, and reduce howling and exhalation sounds at close proximity. With this technology, the mobile radio provides crisper and clearer audio for the other party.
The advantages of Al noise cancellation are as follows.
• Clearer Extremely high noise cancellation on steady and unsteady noise, up to 30dB Can reduce howling outside 30cm
• Faster Accurately extract human voices from noise in milliseconds or even without delay
• Flexible With deep learning ability, suitable for more noise 10-level adjustable noise reduce level

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