Hytera HP685

Hytera HP685

Light and Stylish
The streamlined HP6 series is compact and light for easy carrying and wearing. It has stunning clear audio and long battery life, always ensuring the professional service of your staff and organization.

Long Battery Life
HP6 series integrates proprietary technologies to reduce power consumption, meanwhile the latest in proven lithium polymer technology is used in the standard battery which is lighter and smaller than ever before. HP6 series brings a long battery life over 20 hours@5-5-90 standard, so users no longer need to charge the radio or change the battery until their full shift is finished.
Rugged and Durable Being manufactured as per the MIL-STD-810 G standard, the HP6 series is IP67 rated and resilient to a 2-meter drop to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Now the tough environment will no longer slow your staff and organization down.

Clear Audio
HP6 series equips an optimised powerful loudspeaker that can help users to hear clear sounds even in a noisy environment. Water-porting technology is also used to drain out any water that gets into the speaker cavity, ensuring the audio clarity is maintained in case of water.
Al-based noise cancellation technology can decrease 30dB background noise and howling. No matter what noise environment the calling party is in, it ensures that the called party hears a clear sound.

Easy to Use
The HP6 series is designed for ease of use in a compact and discreet form factor. Tactile PTT, programmable buttons and keys allow professionals to respond positively. The integrated BT5.0 technology provides flexible wireless connection with accessories to keep their hands free.

Extended Range
Thanks to the improved receiver sensitivity, the HP6 series provides better connectivity both in marginal areas of coverage and indoors.This will deliver improved safety and operational benefits for operatives in the field.

Water-porting Design
The HP handheld terminal series uses Hytera’s patented innovative water-porting technology, which continuously pushes water out of the speaker cavity. Clear voice can be heard immediately after the device is exposed to a large amount of water (e.g. during very heavy rain and after a falling into the water).

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