Hytera HR1065

Hytera HR1065

In order to meet the evolving needs and bring greater value to customers, Hytera continuously evolves and upgrades its products and technologies.

HR1065 improves its functionality and performance while simplifying its network structure and maintenance methods.
It has a compact 1U height design, saving installation space, easy for mobile mounting in limited vehicle space. A built-in power adapter supports a 220V AC power supply, providing low deployment cost and an automatic DC/AC power supply switch to easily achieve power backup. The enhanced version adds a co-processor to improve system performance, integrates router and SIP gateway functions, and supports Web-based management, simplifying the network structure and greatly reducing networking and O&M costs.


HR1065 series repeaters can be compatible with most Hytera system types: Analogue and Digital Conventional modes, Pseudo trunking mode and DMR Tier 3 trunking system. Whether you want to migrate from analogue to digital mode, or from conventional system to a larger capacity trunking system, HR1065 series repeaters can be unlocked by firmware upgrading and a chargeable license. Simple, smooth and cost-effective.
Customers could purchase HR1065 in conventional mode and upgrade to another mode on demand by license control. This can provide our customer flexible purchase policy and protect the investment on devices.

Economical Structure
The 1U height of HR1065 makes it compact, reducing space requirements for installation which is quite helpful especially when deploying the repeater in vehicles with limited space such as an SUV.

Analogue & Digital Auto Switch
HR1065 can support mixed channel mode to detect the receiving signal, then automatically switch between analogue and digital mode. This feature offers the compatibility with analogue terminals and an easy way to migrate to digital from analogue to protect legacy investment of devices.

AC/DC Auto Switch
The HR1065 is equipped with a built-in power adapter that supports 100-220V AC. It also supports connection of a back-up battery which can be connected to the DC input port. The repeater can charge the backup batteries during AC operation and will switch automatically to these if the AC power supply fails to maintain uninterrupted repeater operation. Users don’t have to use UPS power, just install a 12V battery that reduces the cost of investment by 90 percent.


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