Hytera HR655

Hytera HR655

Hytera HR655 is the new generation business-ready digital repeater designed to expand the communication range of your DMR radios. High performance and reliability ensures the HR655 provides the consistent, reliable and seamless voice and data communications your team needs most. It is a top pick for hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, industrial parks, and more.


The innovative structural design gives the repeater an unprecedented appearance and lightweight performance. With its compact body and built-in duplexer, the HR655 has space conservation in mind. For sites with challenging installation requirements, the HR655 has mounting accessories to provide the right solution. As long as there is a wall or limited plane the HR655 can be easily mounted. For outdoor working the lightweight HR655 makes it effortless to carry on the back, thus greatly reducing the burden and cost. For indoor coverage, the HR655 with its super slim size and minimal site requirements can easily deliver digital signal services to each of your work floors.


The HR655 features industry-leading RX sensitivity and 25 W output power, easily increasing the effective communication range for DMR radios. By covering more area with fewer repeaters, the total cost of ownership is consequently reduced. All key information is delivered to every corner of your wider work space.


Thanks to its built-in 12.5Ah battery, HR655 can power itself independently of AC power supply for up to 9 hours at a RF power output of 10W. It can also power itself for several hours at higher operational capacity; for example, it can deliver 4 hours of operation on a 50% duty cycle operating at 25W full power.


The HR655 is built to outperform in harsh environments. It conforms to MIL-STD-810 G standards for ruggedness and is IP67 rated (for 10 W HR655) or IP54 (for 25 W HR655) for dust and water intrusion. Designed to operate on an AC power source or an optional battery, the HR655 can keep running in the event of a power outage. When it connects to the power supply, the battery works as a backup. In case of an outage, the 12.5Ah battery is ready to power the HR655 for up to 9 hours at 10 W output or four hours at 25 W output with a 50% duty cycle. Moreover, benefiting from the latest fast charging technology, the battery can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours. HR655 gives you durable communication for a longer time.


Thanks to the Extended Network Management System (XNMS), you can remotely monitor the operation status and alarms of the HR655 in real-time, or update its configuration in minutes. This dramatically reduces the time and resources to maintain repeaters dispersed in different places.


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