Entel HT Series

Entel HT Series

A model for every application. From entry level to sophisticated MPT1327 trunked variants, the HT Series 2.0 is built without compromise to deliver loud and crisp audio using the latest compander noise reduction technology.


Conforming to European rating IP68, the HT Series 2.0 offers the highest submersibility rating of any two-way portable radio. Uniquely able to withstand total immersion in water to a depth of 5 metres for 1 hour, Entel’s HT Series 2.0 radios are therefore extremely resistant to corrosion, more than a match for the likely hazards encountered in any field of operation.

Simple Or Sophisticated

You choose. Need simple speech communications? Then our entry level PMR radios will meet all your needs. Entel’s mid level radios give you all the facilities you might expect from our competitors’ products, while our top of the range radio is arguably the most versatile radio you can buy.

ATEX Approved IIC

The HT900 range of ATEX certified portables meets IIC T4, the most stringent ATEX ratings as required by the EU directive 94/9/EC. For full details, refer to the ATEX data sheet available here: www.entel.co.uk/atex.

ATEX Approved IIA

The HT800 range of ATEX certified portables meets IIA T4 with 4 watts RF power, for those users not restricted to the IIC 1 watt regulatory classification.

IECEx Approval

The HT500 range of intrinsically safe certified portables is suitable for those users who do not need to comply with the European ATEX standard.

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