Entel HX400

Entel HX400

A model for every application. From entry level to sophisticated MPT1327 trunked variants, the HX Series 2.0 is built without compromise to deliver loud and crisp audio using the latest compander noise reduction technology.

Simple Or Sophisticated

You choose. Need simple speech communications? Then our entry level PMR radios will meet all your needs. Entel’s mid level radios give you all the facilities you might expect from our competitors’ products, while our top of the range radio is arguably the most versatile radio you can buy.

Intuitive Menus

The high tier versions of the HX Series 2.0 radios offer extensive features which provide added user benefit, but without added operational complexity. Entel believes that even with advanced features a portable transceiver should be easy to use, so our new high tier range employs the kind of intuitive user interface that will be familiar to anyone who has used a mobile phone.

Safety Features

All but the entry and PMR446 models in the HX Series 2.0 have additional safety options accessed either by programming (panic button with remote alert and Lone Worker), or by an additional options board (Man Down). Radios can also be programmed to respond to emergency situations in a variety of ways – by issuing a silent alarm, opening a “live” microphone, or continuing the alarm even if the radio is switched off.

Whisper Mode

When discreet communications are necessary, in covert or emergency situations, the HX series “whisper mode” will ensure that quiet speech can still be heard clearly by other radio users. Note: not available on entry & PMR446 models.

Bluetooth (option)

For convenience, wireless transmit is available on all models, allowing for connection of Entel’s Bluetooth audio accessory range, as well as data transmission devices.

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