VideoBadge VB-200

VideoBadge VB-200

Vb-200 – designed to meet specific police requirements with its pronounced on/off switch and 150degree extra wide recording lens. The VB-200 is a professional body worn camera system which is used widely across a number of industries especially within police forces. Designed to be rapidly deployed and to be used to its full potential on a daily basis. It is extremely hard-wearing and robust and simple to operate. It’s a solution that needs no training.

  • Small, robust, lightweight devices based on an ID card holder form.
  • Easy to use – simply slide down the front switch to start recording.
  • The video and audio is kept securely on the camera.
  • Recordings are of evidential quality – demonstrable from camera to court that they have not been tampered with.
  • 8 hours continuous recording and 48 hours standby.
  • Up to 720p HD video, high quality audio.
  • Day & night recording capability.


Specification or Description


Video Badge

Video Badge 2



Full ID card display, covered lens when not recording and front slider switch

Wider angle lens, smaller display card and front pounced switch.

Pre-record facility

Video Badge 2 only

8 hours of continuous pre-recording, with a configurable pre-record period



1 year return-to-manufacturer warranty including email and telephone support – Extended warranty available.


95mm x 62mm x 12mm

95mm x 62mm x 16mm


127g without any mounting option fitted and 137g with close-fit KlickfastTM mounting.

User access or sealed unit

Sealed unit with no user access to storage media or battery.

Storage media

Internal solid state, protected recordings.

Recording capacity

16 hours (either continuous or as needed)

Recording storage capacity


File size for hour of recording

1GB at 640 x 368 standard resolution, 2GB at 1280 x 720 HD resolution.

Battery capacity in standby          

(instant recording mode)

Up to 72 hours – This capacity enables years of adequate battery life for normal operational work

shifts, meaning low total cost of ownership over time.

Battery type

Lithium–ion (no battery memory) does not require discharge before charging.


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