VideoBadge VB-300

VideoBadge VB-300

The VB-300 series are the first generation of WiFi enabled VideoBadge products from Edesix. The VB-300 series are equipped with the same security and footage protection features which are found in the VB-100 / VB-200.

  • Small, robust, lightweight devices with area for small ID badge.
  • Easy to use – simply push buttons on either side to start and stop recording.
  • The video and audio is kept securely on the camera.
  • Recordings are of evidential quality – demonstrable from camera to court that they have not been tampered with.
  • 6/8 hours of continuous WiFi streaming and recording (VB-320w), 12/14 hours of continuous WiFi streaming and recording (VB-340w).
  • WiFi streaming 700kbps, 64kbps audio with digest or authentication.
  • 150 degree diagonal field of view.
  • New accessories available.
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